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The task of the Elsa City Fire Department team is to get to emergency sites as quickly and safely as possible. In dangerous situations, every second counts, so firefighters must think and act quickly in order to avoid tragedies. Our training is focused around speed, safety and proficiency - put to use through our response to every call we receive, regardless of when or where.


When seconds count, our firefighters remain ready to respond. When it comes to vehicle accidents, our members have been trained in techniques to safely and quickly remove trapped victims from vehicles during accidents through the use of specialized skills and equipment.



Our firefighters constantly train in fire suppression tactics in order to remain ready to respond. Members are trained in the areas of fire tactics, fire streams and fire behavior, just to name a few.



Our department is actively engaged in preventing emergencies before they even happen. we do this by visiting schools and educating our community's children on what to do in case of an emergency. For information on how you can help prevent fires and emergencies, contact us, we would be happy to help!

Emergency Services: Service
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